After many years of successful cooperation in the field of recruitment and selection, as well as soft skills training, the companies KPMG Beograd d.o.o. and TOPP Consultants International d.o.o. are extending their cooperation into the field of Audit lessons.
          Experienced experts from KPMG in Serbia have designed a special educational Audit Internship Training Program, known as “Unlock your potential with Audit Lessons.”  for students and other participants who are interested in being introduced to the world of audit.
          TOPP Consultants International will make sure to successfully promote this program and provide students and other participants from the Serbian and international markets.
          For promotion of the program and recruiting students from international markets, TOPP Consultants has concluded an exclusive contract with the STU Global AcademyOr XinTuYingCai in short), a leading educational institution in China. STU Global Academy has been dedicated to providing outstanding career training and practical opportunities for students since its inception.
          This exciting collaboration aims to provide exceptional educational opportunities for students worldwide and foster the next generation of audit professionals. KPMG is a globally renowned leader in accounting and auditing, known for its professional expertise. The Future Audit Professionals Practical Training Program by KPMG in Serbia “Unlock your potential with Audit Lessons” offers a unique opportunity for young learners. This program will leverage the extensive experience and exceptional educational resources that STU Global Academy has accumulated over the years in the field of education.
This exclusive partnership will enable students to benefit from guidance and support from the professionals of KPMG in Serbia, gaining in-depth insights into the latest trends and best practices in the audit industry. Students will have the opportunity to participate in real-world audit work and apply their acquired knowledge to actual cases, providing them with a valuable opportunity to grow into future audit experts.
STU Global Academy will oversee the operation and enrollment of this program on a global scale to ensure that students can fully leverage this opportunity to achieve their career goals. They are committed to providing outstanding educational resources and support, assisting students in achieving success in the competitive field of audit. STU Global Academy eagerly looks forward to collaborating with KPMG in Serbia and TOPP Consultants International in this exciting joint project.
We all strongly believe that this program will offer outstanding career development opportunities for young individuals, helping them realize their professional dreams. We all are excited to pave the way for more students worldwide and guide them towards a path of success.
If you would like to learn more or join this program, please contact us.
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